Day 3

The reduction in my Metformin dose has brought me a lot of relief. No more “gastrointestinal irritation,” as they like to say.

I have committed to my diet and supplement routine, but I haven’t *quite* gotten my shit together in the realm of exercise. To be fair, I really am short on time on weekdays. I work about 60 miles from home and if you know anything about the traffic in Southern California then you can guess that my commute is pretty brutal. In fact, I generally spend just under 4 hours¬†per day¬†in the car.

Now, this is, of course, my choice. I love my job and I can’t really afford to move to Los Angeles at this time. So, I do the drive. I listen to a lot of audio books (I plan to have recommendations on this site soon) and I am able to adjust my schedule so that I arrive around 7am and leave around 3:30pm. But, this commute makes for a long day and means I am usually up at 4:30am and that I get home around 5:30-6pm that evening. Once I am home I usually start making dinner right away, shove it in my face when it’s done, and go to bed. This hasn’t left much wiggle room for regular exercise.

Now, I know this isn’t an excuse, but it is certainly a reason. I’ve been so tired since I started this job and I feel like I am chronically in need of sleep. Part of it may be due to my low vitamin D levels and I am hopeful that the increased supplementation may help put some vigor back into my step. But I know that my schedule is playing a huge role in my inability to really get moving.

So, next week I plan to start exercising. I intend to start with short walks in the mornings each day this coming week and 3 sessions at the gym to go HIIT workouts. I will let you know how it goes!

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